a tidecruz Christmas Sonata

by tidecruz



twas christmas eve
at the family home
all the children, grand parents sung
christmas songs both old and new
and everyone around just knew, it was going to be a
wonderful day

decorations and egg nog too
the warm fireplace scared away the blue

gifts piled high
nearly to the roof
fathers smiled at his familys truth

everyone together so happy and warm
the love all around could never be torn

a holiday like this could only happen on earth
with a human race so loving thoughtful from birth

outside the stars shone bright
mother and child gazed thru the window into the night

on a planet in a galaxy so lucky to exist
this family tonight had no wish

for what they had together was so true
in there hearts they knew thru and thru

the present of presetns was the present moment
alive together they glowed like earths angels adonement


released December 25, 2016



all rights reserved


tidecruz Kansas City, Missouri

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